Jules ⚓ Froebel

Oh so handsome ,Oh so strong Tell me stories of distant shores ,All night long I shiver all over,When I see your lovely tan And I can tell by your clear blue eyes, Your a sailor man Oh sailor man,From polar land Oh sailor man,Come take my hand Oh sailor man, Take me along Show me the porta-prince and Hong Kong Oh sailor man,I sure hope you don't drownI'd rather have you showing me Cape TownYou know your ways in New York, New York,Where we can go to bars A strong blonde handsome sailor, Norwegians call you Lars Oh sailor man ,From polar land Oh sailor man,Come take my handOh sailor man,I'd gladly dieTo see the ports of Rostock and Shanghai Sailor ManOh, sailor man -Please take my hand -Oh tender sailor man ⚓⚓⚓